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Wobo can provide:

·  Upgrading of old oil plant
·  Solid technical support and after-sales service 
· International high quality certification product chain
· One-stop service, customized exclusive project feasibility report
· Turnkey projects for large,medium and small equipment engineering
·  1-6000TPD vegetable oil equipment enginnering
· 1-600TPD animal oil equipment enginnering
·  3000-30000TPD protein powder engineering
· 1000TPD high and low temperature soybean meal
·  10-1000TPD biodiesel equipment engineering
·  and so on.

Vegtable Oil Equipment Engineering:             

Sunflower seed oilSoybean oilRapeseed oilMaize germ oil
The peony seed oilPeanut oil Rice bran oilCoconut oil
Grade 1 cooking oilTea seed oilPalm oil Salad oil
Palm kernel oilSesame oil Corn oilFlax seed oil
Cottonseed oilRice oil Walnut oil Brown rice oil
Blend oil

Insect Oil, Animal oil and fat Engineering:

Silkworm pupa oilThe grasshopper oilThe frog egg oilHan shrimp oil
Cattle hooves oilYellow powder insect oilThe scorpion oilOviductus ranae
Sheep hoof oilMicrobial oil Alligator oil Lanolin
Wool greaseBeef tallowMutton fatLard oil
Chicken oil Duck fatFish oilViscera

Special Oils Equipment Engineering:

Red pepper seed oilGreen thorn seed oilThe alkaline seed oilCumin oil
Camellia oleosa seed oilSunflower seed oilLinolenic acid oilCocoa butter
Feather cockscomb seed oilMaple seed oilPeony Seed OilDHA Oil
Sophora alopecuroides oilCrown fruit seed oilRoseHip Seed OilWalnut oil
ARA OilAcanthopanax oilSoapberry oilGanoderma spore oil
Eucommia ulmoides seed oilRhodiola rosea oilGinseng oilLinseed oil
Purple grass seed oilWheatgerm oilCinnamon oilJojoba oil
Bitter pita seed oilZanthoxylum oilMustard oilOnion oil
Korean pine seed oilBurdock seed oilYu gan seed oilCumin seed oil
Inactivated poppy seed oilRubber seed oilKiwi seed oilTil seed oil
The pine seed oilBarley kernel oilPumpkin seed oilAlgal oil
Black currant seed oilTomato seed oilLitsea cubeba oilIkpan oil
Seabuckthorn seed oilPrickly ash seed oilPyrethrum oilTea seed oil
Safflower seed oilGreen thorn nut oilNeem seed oilTea oil
Pomegranate seed oilFennel seed oilZiwei seed oilMedlar oil
Grape seed oilMulberry seed oilHemp seed oilHazelnut oil
Evening Primrose Seed OilMicrobial oilCherry seed oil

Wood Oil Extraction Equipment Engineering:

Oil extraction from sawdustThe oil of dehydrating wood boardFir brain Fir essential oil

Extractum & Oil Extraction Engineering:

Wintersweet flower extractumRose extractumJasmine extractumDaffodil extractum
Osmanthus concreteAcacia extractumBlack safflower extractumOrchid extractum
Gardenia extractumLily of the valley extractumTurpentine oilTangerine oil
Evening fragrant jade extractumViolet extractumCostus root oilHops extractum
Sandalwood oil Cedar wood oil Camphor oil Iris oil
Vetiver oilTen parsley extracts Rosemary extractumOsmanthus oil

Oleochemical And Biodiesel Engineering:

Natural Vitamin EPlant SterolsBiodiesel


Natural Products Extraction Equipment Engineering:

Red pigment of jujube peelChilli red pigmentTomato red pigmentMarigold yellow pigment
CurcuminCarrot pigmentGromwell pigment Medlar pigment 
AstaxanthinGardenia blue pigmentInositol Oryzanol
Low temperature soy mealEdible soybean meal

Protein Powder Equipment Engineering:

Soyabean protein powder  Pumpkin seed protein powderAlmond powderPeanut protein powder
Soybean protein powderWheat germ powderYellow powder insect powderPumpkin seeds powder
Trichosanthes kirilowii seed powderPeanut protein powder  Sunflower seeds powderGarlic powder
Silkworm chrysalis powderCottonseed kernel protein powder

Design And Transformation Of Oil Engineering:

Factorys' information automation control
Oil Plant Planning And Design
Oil Receiving And Storing Works
Oil Depot Automation System
Computer Automatic Control System
Oil Storing Engineering