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Henan Wobo Oil Machinery Equipment Co. Ltd.

Projects Cooperation

Cooperation Processes:




4TH:Shipping Logistics

5TH:Installation & Debugging


7TH:After-sales Service


Wobo has a professional R&d team, continuous innovation, won several national patents, our professional engineer team will design a customized for you to save cost and create more benefit for you and environmental protection of the equipment as soon as possible according to your requirements.

Manufacture And Delivery

Our belief is " wining through fine process" . Wobo factory covers an area of 60000 m2, including manufacturing workshop area more than 20000 square meters. Our factory is equipped with a standard professional production workshop, 2 sets machining workshop and 10 sets engineering installation department, etc. Wobo machinery has all kinds of advanced production and processing equipment 110 units, including lathe, planer, milling machine, drilling machine more than 70 units, 10 sets cut sheet molding equipment, welding equipment with submerged arc automatic welding machine 6 units, dc welding machine, ac welding machine more than 80 sets, also equipped with all kinds of high quality auxiliary equipment and testing equipment. Welcome to visit our factory!

Wobo factory has an advanced management, our staff will shipment delivery for you according to the order after the equipment debugging.

Installation And Training

Wobo adhering to the principle of "perfect delivery”, installation and debugging equipment for you, for your training operators and daily maintenance of machine and some handling daily glitches.

After-sales Service

If you have any questions about machinery, or equipment operation for many years and you want to transform the factory, Wobo will solve these problems for you.

Quality and service commitments:

Wobo always put product quality and customer interests as the first, insist on do no best, only better service tenet, we will provide high quality products according to promise on perfect site services and after-sales service.

Specific services is as follows:

1, ensure delivery on time: 

a, to provide complete sets of equipment and accessories on time ;

b, with high quality materials, preferential prices for customers;

c, to provide customers the latest products and processes.

2, Wobo will send an engineer to the country of customer for the installation guide, training technicians and operators for the customer.

3, equipment after assembly, our company will be in charge of stand-alone equipment debugging, online debugging and feeding trial run, ensure the normal operation of the equipment in full load condition.

4, if equipment operation, equipment has any problems or the customer want to transform and expand the scale of production, all problems you can contact us, we will provide customers the best solution.

High quality service is what we are pursuing. Our service is available all around the world. And our high quality service team is ready to provide you with fast and efficient service from the tailored solutions for competitive production process to free training of complete plant installation.

Part Of Turnkey Projects

Customer NameProject Name
Sichuan Xinhai Technology Co., Ltd.100TPD Animal oil refining production line
Xinjiang Huikang Biotechnology  Co., Ltd.50 TPD Puffed rice bran production line
Liaocheng Changrui Oil Co., Ltd. 200 TPD Leaching production line
Henan Jinyu Oil Co., Ltd., 30 TPD Corn oil refining grade 1 production line
Heilongjiang Feng Hao Oil Processing Co., Ltd.20 TPD Salad oil production line
Zhuoguan Oil Co. Ltd.50 TPD Refining production line
Shandong Dacheng Oil Co., Ltd. 100 TPD Leaching production line
Huidian Oil Co., Ltd.100 TPD Germ pre-pressing, leaching germ line
Shandong Zouping Kai Oil Co., Ltd.100 TPD Corn germ pre-pressing, extraction production line
Handan Federer Food Co., Ltd.,50 TPD Corn germ pre-pressing, extraction production line
Jiangxi Yunhe Industrial Co., Ltd.10 TPD Tea seed oil refining production line
Taian Jingtai Industry And Trade Co. Ltd.20 TPD Corn germ pre-pressing, extraction production line
Qinyuan Oil Co., Ltd.50 TPD Sunflower oil, corn oil dewaxing production line
Shandong Jinhua Cotton Co., Ltd. 100 TPD Cottonseed oil refining a production line
Sichuan Jinzhong Food Co., Ltd. 10 TPD Wet mention fat production line
Shandong Huamao Co. Ltd.50 TPD Animal oil refining production line
Jiangsu Golden Sun Oil Co. Ltd.50 TPD  oil refining production line
Sanxing Corn Industry Technology Co., Ltd. 100 TPD Leaching production line
Anhui Xinquan meter Co., Ltd.30 TPD Puffed rice bran, leaching production line
Xinjiang Tower Trading Co., Ltd. 50 TPD Sunflower oil refined a production line
Baicheng Cotton Oil Co., Ltd. 100 TPD Corn germ pre-pressing, extraction production line
Longfengshan Corn Development Co., Ltd.100 TPD Corn oil refining an oil production line
Xinji Hui Dian Oil Co., Ltd.50 TPD Corn oil refining an oil production line
Shandong Century-Light Biotechnology Co., Ltd. 200 TPD Pre-press corn germ, corn germ cake production line leaching
Xinji City day letter dip oil refinery Co. Ltd.50 TPD Corn oil refining an oil production line
Shanxi Kuwait Food Co., Ltd.100 TPD Walnut oil refining an oil production line
Henan ManTianXue Food Co., Ltd.80 TPD Wheat germ oil
HeNan KunHua Biological Technology Co., Ltd.80 TPD  Grape pip oil
QuJing BoHao Biotechnology Co., Ltd.50 TPD Marigold granule
Henan YanQi saite Pigment Co., Ltd. 30 TPD natural pigment project
Hebei East Star Biological Technology Co., Ltd.30 TPD Pepper particles
GanSu Feng Lei Natural Pigment Co., Ltd.20 TPD Marigold granule
HeiLongJiang TaiPing Biological Engineering Co., Ltd.30 TPD Marigold granule
JiangSu Jincheng Oil Co., Ltd.10 TPD Soybean oil project engineering
HuBei Cargill Alking Biological Engineering  Co., Ltd.1 TPD Microbial oil ARA
HuBei Province FuXing Biological Technology Co., Ltd.5 TPD Microbial oil ARA, DHA
HuBei YouZhiYou Biological Technology Co., Ltd.3 TPD Microbial oil ARA, DHA
ShanDong Gaotang Lanshan Group50 TPD peanut protein engineering
GanSu WuWei Walter Biological Technology Co., Ltd.8 TPD Hop pellets project
Jiangsu Haosi Industry Biological Technology Co., Ltd.30 TPD Camellia oleifera seed oil project
Handan ChenGuang Natural Pigment Co., Ltd.30 TPD Marigold granule grape seed oil project
ShanXi FeiHe Suntec Biotech Co., Ltd.10 TPD walnut oil engineering
YunNan Atlantic Biological Technology Co., Ltd.20 TPD walnut oil engineering
HeBei XinJi Changhong Grease Co. Ltd.50 TPD Corn germ oil project
Guizhou Kangxin Oil Co.Ltd.300 TPD oil processing project
Qinghai Huangzong Group1000 TPD Protein & inositol project
Hunan Wanfushenke Oil Co. Ltd.10 TPD rice bran oil project
Shandong Xinliang Oil Co. Ltd.200 TPD soybean processing project
Shandong Huaren Oil Co. Ltd.80 TPD palm oil,beef tallow refining production line
Hubei Juyuan Oil Co. Ltd.100 TPD blend oil production line
Jilin Alcohol Distilery Co. Ltd.Grade 1 corn oil leaching,refining project(PLC system)
Hubei Chuyuan Oil Co. Ltd.Rap oil prepressing,leaching and refining production line(PLC system)
Guangdong Zhongxing Oil Co. Ltd.50 TPD blend oil production line
Jiangsu Jinweiduo OIls & Fats Co. Ltd.200 TPD Animal oil refining production line
Xinjiang Lvzhou Biology Protein Co. Ltd.800 TPD protein powder production line
Henan Huayu Oil Co. Ltd.500 TPD prepressing,300TPD leaching,200TPD refining peanut oil production line
Anhui Jinrun Rice Co. Ltd.50TPD rice bran puffing,50TPD extraction equipment
Jiangsu Jiaqing Oil Co. Ltd.200TPD continuous physical refining production line
Jiangsu Yongyou Co. Ltd.600 TPD high and low temperature meal project
Lanshan Group700 TPD edible soybean meal project