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Protein Powder Engineering

    Soyabean protein powder,
    Pumpkin seed protein powder,
    Cottonseed kernel protein powder,
    Peanut protein powder.

The turnkey projects of protein powder are following:

Soyabean protein powder

Pumpkin seed protein powder

Cottonseed kernel protein powder

Peanut protein powder

Soybean protein powder

Wheat germ powder

Pumpkin seeds powder

Almond powder

Trichosanthes kirilowii seed powder

Sunflower seeds powder

Garlic powder

Peanut protein powder

Yellow powder insect powder

Silkworm chrysalis powder

Main Features

· International high quality certification product chain

· Manufactures, more reasonable price

· Solid technical support and after-sales service 

· Uphold the principle of “Customer Supreme”( Balance payment after equipment run normally

· One-stop service, customized exclusive project feasibility report 

· Exports to more than 20 countries and regions, good customers feedback.

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