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Special Oils And Fats Engineering


The turnkey projects of oils are following:

Microbial oil extraction and refining

algal oil extraction and refining

ARA extraction and refining

DHA extraction and refining

γ-linolenic acid extraction and refining

astaxanthin extraction and refining

Grape seed oil

Tea seed oil

Hemp seed oil

Pomegranate seed oil

Hazelnut oil

Wheatgerm oil

Green thorn nut oil

Almond oil

Safflower seed oil

Medlar oil

Neem seed oil

Ziwei seed oil.

Litsea cubeba oil

Fennel seed oil

Seabuckthorn seed oil

Cocoa butter

Pyrethrum oil

Black currant seed oil

Barley kernel oil

ikpan oil

The pine seed oil

Mulberry seed oil

Tomato seed oil

Prickly ash seed oil

Pumpkin seed oil

Cherry seed oil

Purple grass seed oil.

Tea oil

Inactivated poppy seed oil

Rubber seed oil

Sunflower seed oil

Kiwi seed oil

Til seed oil

Korean pine seed oil

Sophora alopecuroides oil

Yu gan seed oil

Eucommia ulmoides seed oil

Cumin seed oil

Bitter pita seed oil

Red pepper seed oil

The alkaline seed oil

Burdock seed oil

Feather cockscomb seed oil

Green thorn seed oil.

Zanthoxylum oil

Mustard oil

Onion oil

Cumin oil

Jojoba oil

Cinnamon oil

Rhodiola rosea oil

Ginseng oil

Ganoderma spore oil

Acanthopanax oil

Soapberry oil

lin-seed oil

Crown fruit seed oil

Evening Primrose Seed Oil

camellia oleosa seed oil

RoseHip Seed Oil

Peony Seed Oil

walnut oil

Maple seed oil

Main Features

· International high quality certification product chain

· Manufactures, more reasonable price

· Solid technical support and after-sales service 

· Uphold the principle of “Customer Supreme”( Balance payment after equipment run normally

· One-stop service, customized exclusive project feasibility report 

· Exports to more than 20 countries and regions, good customers feedback.

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