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Edible oils can be refined by either a chemical or a physical refining process. Chemical refining is still the most widely applied process for soft oils with low free fatty acid (FFA) content (soybean oil, rapeseed oil , sunflower oil etc.). The main by-product of chemical refining is named soapstock, which is a mixture of fatty acid soaps, salts, phospholipids, impurities and entrained neutral oil. Soapstock is usually split with sulfuric acid, resulting in a low value, difficult-to-valorize “acid oil” and a difficult-to-treat wastewater stream. The high neutral oil losses in the soapstock (especially when crude oils with higher FFA and phospholipid contents are chemically refined), the low value of the resulting acid oil and the stricter environmental legislation(making wastewater treatment more expensive) are the main reasons for oil processors to consider physical refining. On the other hand, chemical refining is a quite forgiving towards crude oil quality and it usually gives a good refined oil quality. For these reasons, it is still the preferred refining process for many processors, and it is not expected that chemical refining will disappear . Hence, there will remain a serious interest in new developments that make chemical refining more attractive. 

Edible oil refinery can remove the phospholipid, FFA, pigment, peculiar smell and other impurities in the crude oil, it includes degumming, deacidification, bleaching , deodorization, dewaxing . Our company can provide best oil refinery technical skill and equipment for you (1t/d - 500t/d), and we also can flexible adopt physical refinery or chemical refinery according to different crude oil products, let the refined oil with best quality and price.

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