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Automatic Chemical Refining Equipment


Main Specification: 30-1500T/D 

It applies to most oil, such as soybean oil, cotton seed oil, rapeseed oil, corn germ oil, rice bran oil, sunflower seed oil, etc. 

Main Equipment: degumming tank, nentralizing tank, centrifuge, heat exchanger, decolorization tower, filter, dedorization tower, etc. 

Details: Chemical refining is the oil refining process of removing free fatty acids through acid & alkali neutralization. The lecithin gum and soap stock in the process can be separated through the disc centrifuge.

The advantages of chemical refining are good adaptability, low demand on crude oil, stable oil quality, and less carclazytedosing than the physical refining. 

Henan Wobo Machinery Equipment Co. Ltd. can provide design, manufacture, installation, calibration and after service of oil automatic chemical refining technology.

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