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Oil Depot Automation System

    supervisory control and data acquisition,
    Transformation of oil depot automation system.

It applies to all kinds of animal and vegetable oil factorys oil storage. Main Equipment: high voltage switch, ring network supply unit, high vacuum circuit breaker in household, box substation, switchgear of pressure supply, distribution cubicles, reactive power compensation, earth resistance cabinet, cable bridge, etc. Details: Automatic Control in oil industry has been gradually applied. The oil storage adopted the way of automatic control, then oil loading and unloading, oil metering and recording, liquid level and temperature monitoring can be controlled. It not only strengthens scientific management, reduces the blindness of manual operation and product cost, but also helps managers understand & control manufacturer comprehensively and provide aimed data and method to improve the management efficiency level. The all computer-controlled automation system of oil storage developed by Wobo is integrated the advancement, security and reliability. Wobo can supply modified phosphatide production line design, manufacture, installation, debugging and after-sales service to customers.

automation scada for oil depots with convenient maintenance.

Suitable for all kinds of oils and fats storing depot.

automation scada for oil depots with convenient maintenance.

Suitable for all kinds of oils and fats storing depot.

Product details:

   SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) is a system for remote monitoring and control that

 operates with coded signals over communication channels (using typically one communication channel 

per remote station).

    The control system may be combined with a data acquisition system by adding the use of coded signals

over communication channels to acquire information about the status of the remote equipment for display

or for recording functions. It is a type of industrial control system. Industrial control systems are computer-

based systems that monitor and control industrial processes that exist in the physical world. SCADA

systems historically distinguish themselves from other ICS systems by being large-scale processes that 

can include multiple sites, and large distances.



1.Screens:Including main screen,split screen,and single pipe position screen,where the status of the field 

  pump,valves,static earthing clamp and liquid level switch can be observed,and display the instantaneous 

  flow,accumulated quantity,flow coefficient,lead,etc in multiple modes;

2.Loading management:Automatic loading  management according to the process is achieved through the

  upper computer software,and up to 125 filling pipe can be managed at the same time;

3.Billing:Loading bill can be prepared according to the user's request.bills can be printed simultaneously.the

  data in these bills can be stored;

4.Report type:Shifte,daily,weekly,monthly and yearly reports can be prepared according to the request,with

  the statistical function;

5.Query; The loading records can be queried according to different combinations of query condition,statistics

  is conduced,and reports are generated;

6.Data storage:historic data can be stored for more than 3 years.data include loading records,alarm records


7.File management:files on customers and tankers for loading can be managed,the content of management

  includes brief-code,capacity,information,data and other records;

8.Network:The software provides the dde server and opc server interfaces,and the communication and data

  exchange with third party software can be achieved.

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