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Computer Automatic Control System

    Computer Automatic Control System,
    Oil Workshop Automatic Control System Transformation,
    Oil Workshop Automatic Control System Installation.

It applies to oil seed pre-treatment, oil seed pressing, oil seed extraction, oil refining, oil fractionation, oil dewaxing & defatting, phospholipids, protein, biodiesel and others oil and oil by-product process workshops. Main Equipment: high voltage switch, ring network supply unit, high vacuum circuit breaker in household, box substation, switchgear of pressure supply, distribution cubicles, reactive power compensation, earth resistance cabinet, cable bridge, etc. Details: During the production, the whole system adopted the ways of automatic control, which can control oil seed metering, oil metering, management controlling, liquid level, temperature, loadometer recording. All the oil workshop, such as oil seed pre-pretreatment & extraction, oil refining & fractionation, adopted the way of automatic control, which can control temperature, liquid level, material level and flow, set the digital temperature, temperature variation curve, controlled parameter within alarm scale & alarm time record, range of controlled parameter alarm and recording alarm time, digital liquid level & material level and flow, and display the measurements of motor current etal. The system still includes the independent systems of concentration for exhaust gas alarm and air exhaust & output. In addition, automatic-control not only strengthens scientific management, reduces the blindness of manual operation and product cost, but also helps managers understand & control manufacturer comprehensively and provide aimed data and method to improve the management efficiency level. Wobo can provide design, manufacture, installation, calibration and after service of oil workshop automatic control system installation.

The computer automatic control system product is divided into two types, one is Siemens PLC + configuration software structure type, and the other one is an advanced level DCS system type which is based on the PAS-100. The functions and features of the system are as follows: 

1) It can realize check, control,digital set, parameters range set and alarm time record on temperature, pressure, liquid level and flow rate. It can print timely or untimely. 

2) Setting historical curves for certain equipments or parameters, tracking changes, critical state pops alarm when multiple interfaces occurs, and it also can make a more personalized interfaces according to customers’ requirements; 

3) It has a good interactive type man-machine dialogue window, operating platform and mature GSM control and communication program, it can be connected to mobile phone and PDA, thus satisfying unmanned control; 

4) The system can automatically send e-mails; 

5) Operation is convenient and easy, safe and reliable; 

6) It can realize linkage type automatic control of all process equipments, complete automatic motor protection and fault alarm monitoring; 

7) The system can effectively reduce interference and loss caused by artificial operation, and it is provided with a variety of production reports automatic generation system simultaneously, and hence reduces energy consumption, improves productivity, increases the safety coefficient and improves the management level.

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