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Henan Wobo Oil Machinery Equipment Co. Ltd.

Oil Receiving And Storing Works

    conveying equipment,
    metering equipment,
    cleaning equipment.

In the oil plants storage, our company adopts the nitrogen-filling method, which has the advantages of long storage period and good quality. It is equipped with the feeding and crushing device in the silo, which ensures the integrity of the oil plants storage.The purpose of oil seed storage is protecting the qualities of oil seed during storing. Also it can provide guarantee for the afterward processing. 

Main specification:

1--1000T/H raw grain receiving.

30--10000T (single warehouse)oil plants storage.

Main equipments: silo, conveying equipment, metering equipment, cleaning equipment etc.

Suitable for peanut, soybean, rapeseed, tea seed, rice bran,sunflower seed, cottonseed etc.

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